Where’s Watty?

p7wattyLittle Watty, star of EXARO’s regular competition, continues to travel the UK, exploring interesting places, admiring the built environment and considering how he can reduce his carbon pawprint. Watty does like to have his picture taken as a memento of his travels and EXARO readers are given the chance each month to guess where he has been photographed. The lucky winners each receive a cuddly badger for correctly naming the places or landmarks that Watty has visited!

For those who have not yet made his acquaintance, Little Watty Baxter is the name chosen for the badger featured in the Baxi-SenerTec UK logo. The name Little Watty, short for Little Walter, is an apt choice because it alludes to the unit of output generated by combined heat and power technology. What some may not know is that Dachs, the name of the mini-CHP unit that is marketed in the UK by Baxi-SenerTec UK, is the German word for badger.


Little Watty had really looked forward to visiting this prestigious site, not only because of its 600 year history, but also because it shares its saintly name and coastal location with an equally famous sporting venue. Buildings of various ages make up this establishment, which boasts its own library, a chapel and, as befits a building of its purpose, a Quad. As well as the architecture, Watty was impressed by the lawn in the Quad, which made him think of a putting green, a link no doubt inspired by that nearby hallowed venue, showing what an Open mind our badger has. As if bearing a saint’s name is not enough, this iconic building has been home to two HRHs who even Watty knows are very much in the public eye. Although he enjoys seeing his name in print, our whiskered wanderer doesn’t envy them, as he is glad he can burrow away for some peace and quiet!

To be in with a chance of winning your very own cuddly Little Watty Baxter, simply look at the photograph and tell us the name of this famous establishment. Watty confessed that he would have liked to stay and perhaps leave a degree cleverer!

Please email your answers to: [email protected]

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a cuddly badger. The closing date for this competition is 01 October 2013.

You can also follow Little Watty on his Facebook page at

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